About me…

hay bales

I grew up on a farm in west Cornwall and spent most of my childhood outdoors. I could often be found making dens in the woods, climbing trees with my older brother, or bouncing along in the tractor with my dad whilst he cut grass for the cows. On rainy days I’d be with mum in the farmhouse kitchen, baking cakes and making pasties-although my crimping wasn’t all that good!

I have a quiet soul but I’m a big dreamer! I enjoy the simple pleasures in life and truly believe the best things in life are free. Things that make me happy… watching the baby bunnies play in the neighboring field, waking up to the sound of the birds singing, dappled sunlight through the whispering trees, the feeling of sand in between my toes, wild flowers, seeing the sunrise and the sunset on the same day. I love going on adventures to new places to explore and get the most out of my 4 pairs of wellies; my husband says i’m a wellie hoarder (but he puts up with it, which is why I married him!)

shepherd hut

I live, breathe & feel nature each day from the moment I open my eyes and hear the sound of the birds singing, to the point I drift off to sleep to the noises of the wild countryside at night. I have an outlook of rolling fields and beautiful green trees and of course there are plenty of cows and tractors around! There is a resident blackbird in our garden, and he sings me the most beautiful songs everyday. I have named him Bob because he’s always out there; just bobbing along! I am lucky enough to live a 3 minute drive from the sea, so on a hot summer’s day I can nip off to the beach and soak up some fresh salty air, dip my feet in the water and get my toes all sandy. Of course I also treat myself to an ice cream, as it is one of my favourite things in the whole world.  I’m an absolute sucker for a sunset and love taking photos of nature, flowers & the landscapes around me. You’ll already know this if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram!

sunset Cornwall

In between all of these activities, you will find me working hard in the studio to create my country life on paper and share some of the sunshine in my soul with the world. I can honestly say; I love my job! I capture the things I see and feel in my everyday life and turn them into designs on paper to share with you and draw you in to my world to become part of my country life. If you like the sound of this then you really need to WORK WITH ME!

sarah wants studio

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