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8 Important Details to Include in Your Wedding Invites

Do you need to order your wedding invitations, but don’t know what to say, what to include or where to begin?⁠

If so, you’re in the right place!⁠

1:  Names of the happy couple

The number one most important bit of info that should stand out to your guests are your names.

Whether you include surnames or not, just make sure your names take centre stage. Here we like to use a nice fancy font to make them catch your eye.


2:  The wedding venue and location

Be sure to state the full official name of your wedding venue. It is useful to include the address and postcode, especially if it is a location that some of your guests are not familiar with.

That way they can put it into their Sat Nav and there’s no excuses for being late!

3:  The wedding date

Of course, the wedding date needs to be clear and easy to read and remember to include the actual day of the week within the date too-especially if it isn’t a traditional Saturday to highlight this to guests and give them plenty of notice.


4:  Wedding ceremony time

Do you put the start time of the ceremony or the time you want guests to arrive? This is a BIG question that I get asked a lot! Be really clear & include both. Ceremony starts at 2pm – please be seated by 1.45pm. This lets your guests know there is no exception for arriving late, the whole day is scheduled, and the ceremony will start without them regardless!

5:  Hotels and accommodation

If you have guests travelling from afar that will need somewhere to stay, then it is useful to include a list of local accommodation with contact details/website etc.

If you don’t know the area yourselves then you can always ask your venue for recommendations.


6:  RSVP

An RSVP date is usually 8+ weeks before the wedding day. This gives you plenty of time to chase any late responses, collate your final guest list & figure out a seating plan in good time. You’ll need to place your day stationery order 6 weeks before your wedding day.

Remember to let your guests know how you’d like them to RSVP, e.g., enclosed RSVP card/email/phone/text etc.

7:  Transport & parking

If you are providing wedding transport in the form of a bus/coach then you’ll need to mention this, especially if you want to know how many seats are needed as you’ll need to request this from your guests when they RSVP.

Let guests know if parking is available at the venue and what time cars will need to be collected by the following day.


8:  Whether Children Are Invited

If you are planning to not invite children, then you’ll need to be clear and mention this so there isn’t any confusion.

There are lots of nice ways to phrase this in our Complete Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

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