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Do You Still Address Your Wedding Invites From Your Parents or Not?

Bride, groom with parents posing for the photo at wedding reception outside in the backyard.

Traditionally, weddings are paid for by the bride’s parents, which is why they are considered the hosts of the day and the wedding invite usually appears to be addressed from them. This is certainly not always the case today with couples paying for the majority of their wedding bill from their own pockets with donations sometimes from parents on either side.

Here’s an example of how you may word your wedding invitations where the Bride’s Parents are the hosts…

If you want to include parents on an equal basis from both sides, or if your parents are no longer together for whatever reason, then simply adding:

“Together with their Parents, Amy Hutchinson & Roberto Galloway would like to invite…”

Some couples have the dilemma of which parent or parents to list first without trying to offend any of them, so this is probably the best way to do it equally…

Alternatively, if you don’t want to list your parents on your invite at all, you can word it, so the invite is extended from the couple directly. You can do this in a formal way or something more fun. 

Here’s an example…

Essentially, who you decide to address your invites from is entirely your choice and you should always do what feels right for you and your partner.

If you do decide to order your wedding stationery through me, I’m always very happy to work with whatever you decide, and we can always discuss things if you need to – my job is to make this part of your wedding planning as stress-free as possible.

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